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About The Founder

Hey! I’m Kari, a 24 year old Digital Artist and Entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. Bangerooo started in 2017 after I got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to take notes on in university. I quickly fell in love with using it to create digital art, with the app Procreate. For me, creating art is similar to meditation and I'm so thrilled to be able to share my imagination with the world. 

About the Brand

I believe that regular/off the shelf fashion is way lame and censored. I want to create a brand with its own identity where I can bring in a fresh perspective of profanity and outside of the box thinking into apparel and accessories.

For me, fashion should be fun and IN YOUR FACE. I want to create clothing that causes other people to stare, giggle, or think "WTF is that person wearing"! Basically, this brand is for people who want to EXPRESS THEIR WEIRD through fashion.

Bangerooo is NOT Fast Fashion

Through my 2 years building this brand I’ve experimented with many different clothing manufacturers to find the best quality print possible. Nearing the end of 2020 I found the perfect print house to partner with. Their quality of prints & vibrancy of inks blew me away - I had never seen such a vivid Direct To Garment (DTG) print.

My print house is trusted by brands like Marvel and Disney to deliver the highest quality and most vividly printed apparel under the sun!

Caring for our Planet! <3

As we grow, I want to focus on environmental sustainability, with the goal of having as environmentally neutral of an impact as possible. This earth day I organized a raffle and through it we were able to raise $1,000 that was donated to the World Wildlife Fund and the Shark Trust charities who focus on preserving endangered wildlife.

Growing a business is an iterative process and sustainability is a goal I am striving towards with the hope of continually sponsoring wildlife through my brand and transitioning to biodegradable packaging!

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