Unlock 40+ Moving Phone Backgrounds!

Join The Space Squad!

The Space Squad is a subscription-based community of space-lovers, weirdos, and fans of the profane. Sound like you?

Once you join us, you’ll gain exclusive access to the Squad’s portal, where you can view and download 40+ perfectly formatted moving backgrounds, discover new backgrounds weekly, participate in exciting future store perks, contests and more!

Space Squad Membership!
Space Squad Membership!

Space Squad Membership!


Easily access 40+ of the coolest moving phone backgrounds in the Galaxy. Works on iPhone, Android & Google Pixel.

Portal Access

Joining the Space Squad grants you access to the Portal where you can view and download 30+ moving backgrounds designed specifically for your lockscreen, updated weekly with fresh, in-your-face animations

Support an Independent Artist!

As I transition into a full time career creating weird alien art, your support is crucial in allowing me to continue doing what I love.. and I promise to keep you entertained <3

Join a Community of Weirdos!

Space Squad is about building a community of cool people who express themselves unapologetically and challenge the status quo. 

Let's Make An App

Space Squad will eventually be a phone application, complete with space themed games, backgrounds & lots of art. With your support, we can bring this vision to life and create an out of this world app for everyone to enjoy!

Future Unidentified Perks

Think coloring sheets, contests, store discounts, stickers, profile pics, giveaways, and more! 

Cancel Anytime!

You can cancel your monthly subscription easily at anytime!