4:20 2020 Poster
4:20 2020 Poster
4:20 2020 Poster

4:20 2020 Poster


The squad!

Meet your blank wall’s new best friend. Printed on high-quality fine art paper and coated with a beautiful glossy finish, these electrifying and trippy posters will add a new element to any space! Make your room pop with the poster’s original designs and vibrant colours, printed and shipped in durable tubes from the USA.

Small: 17" x 34"

Large: 24" x 48" 

Size in Picture is Large!


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Adam M
Best thing in my house!

A good friend of mine purchased this for me and i love it so so so so much, i framed it and hung it in my living area and i can’t stop looking at it, so beautifully done and i even then purchased one for my cousin who lives on the other side of the globe because she saw mine via insta and loved it so i surprised her with one too! It’s literally the gift that keeps giving! Thank you SO much!!!

Kenny Clifton
420 2020

I love it so much it adds another dimension to my room

Ryan Griffin

Quite possible that this is the best poster to hang in my room to date! I mean what does it not have? it has childhood idols in a light I prefer them in to be honest, and best of all it has some of the best 2020 references i.e. TP and the drugs used to get the f*** through that awful year. plus the coating on it is high quality!

Matt Barker
Love it!

The poster is so cool. I love how creative it is with all the characters. It’s my new favorite part of my room.

Jamie Dudley
Dope like snoop

Vibrant and beautiful, thank you!

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Meet THe artist behind bangerooo! 

Hi! I'm Kari! As an Artist, my work is all about making people think or question a certain perspective.

I want my art to tell a story and speak to the viewer. I'm passionate about feminism, science, the environment and yep you guessed it, ALIENS, OUTER SPACE AND EVERYTHING UNKNOWN!

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