Rainbow Road Poster
Rainbow Road Poster
Rainbow Road Poster

Rainbow Road Poster


What’s at the end of the Rainbow you ask? Oh you know just some aliens laying on an acid blanket, pretty standard if you ask me...


Meet your blank wall’s new best friend. Printed on high-quality fine art paper and coated with a beautiful glossy finish, these electrifying and trippy posters will add a new element to any space! Make your room pop with the poster’s original designs and vibrant colours, printed and shipped in durable tubes from the USA.



Small: 17" x 26"

Large: 24" x 37" 


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Meet THe artist behind bangerooo! 

Hi! I'm Kari! As an Artist, my work is all about making people think or question a certain perspective.

I want my art to tell a story and speak to the viewer. I'm passionate about feminism, science, the environment and yep you guessed it, ALIENS, OUTER SPACE AND EVERYTHING UNKNOWN!

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